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Amicale du Nid

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Founded in 1946, Amicale du Nid is a secular association independent of any party or organization. it is dedicated to the principles of freedom, equality, solidarity and respect for others. Its principles allow neither a moralistic conception of sexuality, nor complacency towards the violence of prostitution.

Specifically, Amicale du Nid’s principles are those on which the International Convention of December 2, 1949, ratified in 1960 by France, was founded: the principle of equality between women and men, the principle that the human body uis not a commodity, and the dignity of the human person which guarantees his/her physical and psychological integrity against external violation. Amicale du Nid is against all kinds of homophobia and transphobia, and all forms of discrimination, racism and sexism.

Thus Amicale du Nid recognizes that prostitution is incompatible with human dignity and equality between women and men. It refutes comparisons of prostitution to business and hopes to develop its abolitionists goals through prohibitin the pruchase of a sexaul act rather than penalising prostitutes.

The missions of the Amicale du Nid are, according to its statutes:
• to meet, welcome and accompany adults and minors in current or past situations of prostitution or who are at risk thereof,
• to implement measures that prevent prostitution across society
• to build alternative lives to prostitution and enable social and professional integration
• to conduct information campaigns, training and research to improve knowledge of the phenomenon of prostitution, and improve the assocation’s ability ot welcome people

Eight branches of Amicale du Nid (Paris, Seine Saint Denis, Hauts de Seine, Hérault, Rhone, Isere, Haute Garonne, Bouches du Rhône) meet over 4600 people annually in places of prostitution, accompany more than 4000 people and conduct prevention training to more than 800 people.

Website: Amicale du Nid

Contact: Hélène de Rugy
Tel: 01 44 52 56 40 / 06 07 15 55 65


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