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Comité Contre l’Esclavage Moderne (CCEM)

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Founded in 1994, the CCEM (Committee Against Modern Slavery) denounces trafficking in human beings and all contemporary forms of slavery. Since its creation, it supports the victims of trafficking for exploitation of labour, mainly domestic. It supports them in all their steps to justice in order to helping them regain their rights and dignity.
At each, the Committee provides support in legal, administrative, socio-educational and psychological level to help them reintegrate into society and to gain recognition of their rights and dignity.

In France, it is involved in creating awareness among the general public and the political world as well as relevant professionals. It also works internationally to progress the rights of victims.

Since its inception, the CCEM has supported more than five hundred people. It has assisted in more than 200 trials before all French courts and as far as the European Court of Human Rights. France has been censured twice by the ECHR in 2005 and 2012 for having left unpunished siutations falling under Article 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights which penalizes slavery, servitude and forced labor depriving victims of domestic slavery effective protection against their exploiters.

Website: Comité Contre l’Esclavage Moderne

Contact: Sylvie O’dy


BALKANS ACT NOW! Signature of the Declaration on the suppression of expolitation and trafficking in human beings.

In the context of the Balkans ACT Now! project, financed in part by the European Commission, a Declaration to mobilise civil society regarding the fight against trafficking in human beings, was devised by three European Union partners of the project including the CCEM (Paris) and the Association Accompagnement, Lieux d’Accueil, Carrefour Éducatif et Social (Nice). This text includes 29 recommendations for the attention of governments, focused on the different aspects of the fight against trafficking, including the repression of traffickers and the care for victims.

The Declaration, adopted in Zaghreb in September 2013, has so far attracted 116 signatures from civil society, not only from the Balkan States but from other countries in Eastern Europe.

Every association which recognises the principles enunciated in the Declaration can demonstrate its support by signing the form below and addressing it to Comité Contre l’Esclavage Moderne (juriccem@wanadoo.fr), which will transmit it to the association head of the ASTRA project.

For more information, please consult: http://www.astra.org.rs/eng/?page_id=1237

PDF - 446.9 kb
CCEM Report, 2012 (in French only)
PDF - 677.4 kb
BALKANS DECLARATION on the suppression of trafficking and the exploitation of human beings Zagreb, 19 September 2013
PDF - 90 kb
BALKANS ACT NOW! Declaration


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