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ECPAT France

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Founded in 1997, ECPAT France is an organization member of the international network ECPAT whose mission is to fight against the sexual exploitation of children for commercial purposes.

Originally ECPAT movement was born in the form of an international campaign launched in South Eastern Asia in the 90’s to fight against the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism. ECPAT then meant "End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism".

Today, ECPAT is a global network of organizations that gathers over 80 groups in 75 countries working to eliminate sexual exploitation of children for commercial purposes : child prostitution, trafficking of children for sexual purposes, sexual images of children and exploitation of children in travel and tourism.

The goal of ECPAT is to encourage the international community to ensure the enjoyment of human rights of children around the world away from all forms of commercial sexual exploitation. Reflecting the expansion of the mandate of the network, today ECPAT stands for "End child prostitution, child pornography and trafficking of children for sexual purposes".

ECPAT France conducts awareness among the general public, training and support of key players in the fight and advocacy with national, European and international authorities. Internationally, the organization works in partnership with associations and organizations by supporting projects for the protection and rehabilitation of child victims of sexual exploitation, including trafficking in Africa.

Lexis Nexis France is a legal reference publisher. ECPAT France and Lexis Nexis France have joined forces to create the website Droit contre la traite launched in February 2013. This website is a resource center and networking in the field of human trafficking. It also aims to raise awareness and provide to legal professionals and associations’ members with the necessary tools to improve the fight against trafficking in human beings.
The website includes a specialized legal research tool providing access to a background documentary on trafficking in human beings in France and abroad, especially legal texts and case law selected by the editorial teams of Lexis Nexis France.

Website (French version): ECPAT
English website: ECPAT english

Facebook : ECPAT France Facebook

Twitter : ECPAT France Twitter

Contact: Eléonore Chiossone
Tel: +


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