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Fondation Jean et Jeanne Scelles

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Since 1994, the Jean et Jeanne Scelles Foundation has fought for human dignity and against sexual exploitaion in the mzdia, and before the general public and public administration, by developing analyses and recommendations and monitoring changes in legislation and law anforcement.

It has, for twenty years, coordinated a unique European database and collaborates regularly with public institutions such as the European Parliament Commission on the Rights of Women, parliamentary committees on prostitution and IGA hearings.

The Scelles Foundation regularly organises colloquiums on, for example, trafficking with a view to sexual exploitation, the risks an underground trafficking economy presents to the global economy, the sexual exploitation of minors, and sexual exploitation in a digital society.

Besides numerous reference books, the Foundation has a World Report on Sexual Exploitation annually since 2011, which offers country profiles and fact sheets.

The Scelles Foundation Prize has been awarded since 2012 to young professionals and students on the topics of sexual exploitation. Such young people bring their creativity and dynamism to this complex issue.

Contact: François Vignaud
Tel: +
Website (in French, English and Spanish): Fondation Jean et Jeanne Scelles


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