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Hors la Rue

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Hors la rue mission is to identify and assist foreign minors at risk in the Parisian’s region. Among the minors met and accompanied, some are in "everyday work situation": prostitution, stealing, begging, charity scam, selling subway tickets in a hurry. ... While some of these activities are carried out within the framework of a survival economy, others obey to a logic where coercion is stronger, and can fall under trafficking in human beings.

The educational team of the association accompanies these minors to the common law, through two complementary mechanisms of action: have a look at the activity scenes and places of life of these young people, and day’s hosting ata center located in Montreuil, open to the public Monday toThursday from 10h to 17h.

In parallel, Hors la Rue leads an advocacy action on human trafficking among institutional and political actors so that the protection of child victims be really effective.

Hors la Rue is currently involved in various transnational initiatives on the subject: the European platform of civil society against trafficking in human beings created by the European Commission; the European project RESILAND: participation, capacities and resilience of migrant children against trafficking in human beings and exploitation, co-funded by the European Commission.

Hors la rue website is in French only.

Attached is the annual report of the association.

PDF - 2.8 Mb
Hors la Rue, Rapport d’activité 2013

Contact: Audrey Guitton
Tel: +
Website: Hors la rue


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