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Mouvement du Nid

Tuesday 19 August 2014

The Mouvement du Nid subscribes to the belief that combatting trafficking in human beings lies at the heart of the fight against prostitution and rejects the existence of any dichotomy between so-called "free" prostitution and forced prostitution. Deeply committed to global action, Mouvement du Nid has always addressed both the causes and the consequences of prostitution.
It is particularly active in working with young people in order to prevent young girls or boys from one day becoming prostitutes, clients, or procurers.

The association has international network working in both prevention and rehabilitation, and is particularly present in Brazil, the Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Cameroon and Portugal and maintains regular contact with many European, African, Asian and Latin American countries to support local action.

Finally,Mouvement du Nid has for the past forty years published a quarterly magazine, ’Prostitution and Society.’ It also has various educational tools for prevention, education and information including:

• Two plays: "Au bout de la nuit," which charts the real experience of a young former prostitute, and "On change quoi," dialogues between boys and girls.
• A documentary "les Insoumises" (free broadcast available via Canal +)
• A film: "Slovenian Girl," about student prostitution
• Two comics: ’Pour toi Sandra’: an attempt against a young girl; and "Dérapages": on clientele, (Derib, edited by the DND)
• a booklet "Prostitution, putain gelère"
• Multiple videos and a revue, "Prostitution & Society"
• Two websites (available in French only): MOUVEMENT DU NID and ABOLIR
The Mouvement du Nid interventions are modulated based on targets: from fith grade pupils to students, Social actors and teachers, general public...

Contact: Pierre Albert
Tel: +


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