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Organisation Internationale Contre l’Esclavage Moderne (OICEM): "International Organisation Against Modern Slavery"

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Founded in 2001, the OICEM (International Organization Against Modern Slavery) - formerly known as Zero Tolerance Slavery (ETZ) - helps child and adult victims of all current forms of exploitation, domestic servitude, forced labor (in the construction, catering, agriculture etc industries), exploitation of begging, sexual exploitation, and marriage for the purposes of exploitation. The actions of the OICEM are part of the promotion of human rights and the fight against all current forms of slavery in France and worldwide.

The identification, protection, and support for victims in self-reconstruction via an independent living project are at the heart of the OICEM project. Each victim receives legal assistance, counseling and socio-educational monitoring (toward housing, education, workforce development). Culture, creativity and citizenship workshops are also available.

Building on its expertise in all forms of exploitation, OICEM participates in workshops, studies, seminars, and research and organises awareness sessions.
In also develops partenrships with local NGOs.

The OICEM also carries out advocacy work, poster campaigns, and awareness events, screenings and exhibitions, and organises an annual international conference for all ages led by lawyers, sociologists, psychologists, professionals in the field and artists.

The OICEM coordinated the development of a guide on all forms of trafficking in human beings as part of the Prostitution’ Subcommittee and Human Trafficking developed by the DDCS Women’s Rights - Women men’s Equality, Bouches Rhone. This guide aims to explain the various existing forms of exploitation, indicators to identify victims, the existing laws to protect them. This guide also refers the structures in Bouches du Rhône and the national scheme AcSé that can assist professionals and help victims. A paper version will be available soon.

Here is the link to download the guide (in French): http://www.oicem.org/brochure/comprendre-la-teh/

Website: Organisation internationale contre l’esclavage moderne

Contact: Nagham Hriech Wahabi
nagham.hriech@oicem.org / info@oicem.org
Tel : +


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