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Example of support for a victim of economic slavery

Friday 22 August 2014

Mr. X. Is a Ivorian nationals born in December 27, 1976 in Ivory Coast. It is recruited by a couple of French expatriates in 1996 in Abidjan to take care of the linen. Little by little, new tasks were added. He is paid 100 euros per month. He follows his employers when their returns in France, in province and for several weeks, he will take care of everything within a large property with a large park. He is never paid for the work done in France. He worked more than 12 hours per day. He must ensure the maintenance of the home and of the park. In 2011, the couple settled permanently in France, he will receive a good salary for a few months and then his employers cease to pay him.
A woman who lives in the same village where he is exploited has sympathized with the victim and has reported its situation to the CCEM on 12 August 2013. The legal service will meet with him on his location of exploitation in October 2013 and organized his leave in December 2013, by sending a train ticket to the woman who reported his situation to us. He is auditioned several times by the Legal Service at his arrival in Paris. Friends in Paris currently host him. He received financial assistance for transportation and the opening of its rights to social security.
A report has been done with a volunteer of the CCEM for his employability and the development of his experience. He is currently waiting for certificates of witnesses. The CCEM will address the reporting of its situation to the prosecutor of the Republic together with the hearing of his course. Once a service of inquiry will have been entered, he will be able to apply for a residence permit on the basis of article L. 316-1 of the CESEDA.
The CCCEM will provide assistance to the administrative level for the establishment of the application for regularization and for obtaining the residence permit, as well as legal assistance for the continuation of the criminal procedure in connection with a lawyer