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Press release of OICEM (International Organization Against Modern Slavery): victims of forced begging and aggravated procuration

Tuesday 26 August 2014

"OICEM is acting as a civil party to the presumed victims of aggravated begging and aggravated procuration.

On Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 8:30 am, the crown court of Marseille opened a case involving six people, all members of the same family which are suspected of having exploited a woman and six men (all Bulgarian). OICEM assisted these people for a year along with Maitre Yann Prevost, a lawyer of Marseille, who defended the victims.

The young woman, aged 27, told the police that she was forced into prostitution at the top of Rabatau Boulevard, in the center of Marseille, that all of her earnings were withdrawn, and that she was beaten, held in captivity and that her identity papers were taken from her. The six vulnerable men, elderly, frail and sick, claimed that they had been forced into begging. The defendants had convinced them that by coming to France they would earn more money. Their earnings and identity papers were confiscated and some were beaten. After conducting numerous interviews with these victims, OICEM began their rehabilitation process and helped them to assert their rights.

Since 2001, our NGO has been fighting against all forms of exploitation including sexual exploitation and exploitation of begging.
To date, nearly 100 children, women and men victims are aided by our multidisciplinary team. There are over 22 million victims of modern slavery in the world today. "

Photo credit : Danid Métra/Secours Catholique