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The Collective petitions the Valls Government

Thursday 10 July 2014

Further to the launch of the ‘National Plan of Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings 2014-2016’ on May 14, 2014, the Collective ‘Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings,’ a network of 23 organisations coordinated by Genevieve Colas of the Secours Catholique, met with Mme Hélène Cazaux-Charles, Advisor on Justice for Prime Minister Manuel Valls (24 June, 2014 at 9:30am).

On Wednesday 5 June, 2014, the Collective had met with M Romain Guerry, advisor on sport, health, disability and combatting inequality to M Hamon, Minister for National Education, Higher Education and Research, as well as Mme Aida Kergroach of the office of M Guerry.

The Collective insisted notably upon:

  • The development tools and training programs for education professionals to better identify victims of trafficking
  • The creation of greater awareness in national education in connection with civil society, and the importance of making available adequate resources and training for professionals in order to also create awareness in children
  • The importance of the access of child victims of trafficking to education and training.
  • The Collective members present at the meeting (5 June, 2014) with the Minister of Social Welfare and Health spoke with Mme Mathilde Marmier, advisor on ethics and democratic healthcare to Mme Marisol Touraine, Minister for Social Welfare and Health, and with Mme Marie-Automne Thépot, advisor on combatting exclusion to Mme Ségolène Neuville, Secretary of State for Persons with Disabilities and Combatting Exclusion.

Here the Collective emphasised in particular:

  • That victims of trafficking benefit from adequate accommodation
  • That professionals – social workers – are trained in this discipline
  • That access to healthcare and social welfare payments be guaranteed
  • That there be a specific focus on minors
  • That the mental health of victims be at the forefront of the rehabilitation process
  • That association receive adequate funding to conduct its work.

The Collective also emphasised the importance of cooperation between public institutions and civil society at a local, regional, national and international level.


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