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“Amicale du Nid”- Declaration on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Geneva Convention of December the 2nd, 1949

Thursday 3 December 2009

As we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Geneva Convention of December the 2nd, 1949, Pursuing the repression of human trafficking and exploitation of individuals for prostitution, Amicale du Nid, dedicated for 63 years to welcoming and supporting prostitutes, would like to recall the very preamble of this convention, signed by France :

“Considering prostitution and the wrongdoing that goes with it, namely human trafficking for prostitution purposes, are incompatible with the dignity and the value of a human being, endangering the welfare of individual, family and community...”

This preamble presents a challenege to this supposed haven of human rights in which prostitution is triviliased and sexual tourism is on the rise.

Since France ratified the Geneva Convention in 1960, it has chosen an abolitionist government, meaning that:

- The exercise of prostitution is tolerated and only solicitation is sanctioned,

- Procurement, or the exploitation of individuals for prostitution purposes is severely reprimanded, with no distinction as to the form it takes,

- Prostitutes are considered victims, and need to be helped by setting a policy of rehabilitation and prevention of prostitution.

Amicale du Nid’s message today :

- The available resources, already wholly insufficient, are increasingly under pressure by the increase in prostitution and trafficking un human beings.

- Prostitution is disappearing from social policy priorities

- Procurement is not sufficiently reprimanded, and there is no intensive effort against human trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes.

- Rehabilitating prostitutes and preventing prostitution are ignored by the decentralized powers or the government, and the measures implemented are insufficient.

This is why it is most unlikely France will hold its commitments, despite being signatories of the Convention:

Article 1 :

« The parties hereto agree to punish any person who, to satisfy passions of a third: procures, entices or leads away to prostitution, another person, even consent; exploits the prostitution of another individual even if consenting”

Article 16

« The parties to this Convention agree to take or encourage through their social, economic, education, health and others services whether public or private, measures to prevent prostitution and ensure the rehabilitation and the social reintegration of the victims of prostitution”

The full Declaration (in French only) is available below.


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