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Report of the Collective’s meeting held July 18, 2014

Friday 25 July 2014

The report includes the following elements:

1 - Schedule appointments and institutional upcoming meetings

2 - opportunities to educate the public by promoting good practices in France and at international level
2.1 - Price of Delinquency Prevention 2014
2.2 - Price of Human Rights of the French Republic 2014

3 - Extension of the Collective
3.1 - Ongoing reflection
3.2 - Information required to the Collective

4 - Initiatives of different associations of the Collective, ongoing
4.1 - Human trafficking for sexual exploitation in Marseille
4.2 - Participation in a study on money crime in France
4.3 - European project ISEC - Prevention and fight against crime
4.4 - Action Research: Trafficking in human beings in situations of conflict and post-conflict
4.5 - The participation of foreign child victims of trafficking and exploitation policies that affect them
4.6 - Minors trafficked within their own countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina
4.7 - Status of support for child victims of trafficking in France

5 - Preparation of the Collective’s action: Trafficking in minors under the monitoring of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child

Word - 119.5 kb


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