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Meeting of the Collective on June 4, 2013

Friday 14 June 2013

Summary :
I. News
II. Background information regarding various meetings, invitations and lectures presented by members of the Collective "Together against Trafficking in Human Beings"
III. Analysis of the General Secretary’s response and preparation of the first contact with the Interministerial Mission for the protection of women against violence and the fight against trafficking in human beings (MIFROP)

1. Letter written by the Collective to Ms. E. Moiron-Braud (MIPROF), Copy to Mr. E. Panloup (National Coordination of the fight against trafficking in human beings).
2. Response letter from Mrs. E. Moiron-Braud (MIPROF)
3. Extract of the document: Session for the installation of MIPROF’s Orientation Committee Monday, June 3, 2013.
4. Proceedings of the meeting of June 4, 2013 with E. Moiron-Braud and ME Panloup.
5. Circular of 31 May 2013 related to the mode of support of unaccompanied foreign youth.
6. Point of internal discussion on the organization of the meeting with the MIPROF of June 4, 2013.
7. Registration form for the next meeting of the Collective.

The following documents are available only in French:

PDF - 544.6 kb
Minutes of the Meeting of the Collective 4 June, 2013.
PDF - 475.7 kb
Minutes of the Collective Meeting of June 4, 2013, with Mme Moiron-Braud and M Eric Panloup
PDF - 515.6 kb
MIPROF Response
PDF - 945.6 kb
Circular of May 31, 2013, on unaccompanied non-national minors


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