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Seminar: Faced with Poverty, what sense of well-being exists for children and their families, and is there solidarity between generations?

Wednesday 6 March 2013

On the occasion of the Intrenational Day of the Rights of the Child, the Seours Catholique, in conjunction With Caritas France, organised an international seminar on child poverty.

Almost 200 participants from thirty countries came together to dicuss education, inter-generational solidarity, migration, trafficking and jsutice with a view to assessing the current state of affairs and adopting recommendations for European institutions.

The working group on trafficking in human beings comprised three sub-groups and reflected on raising awareness, prevention, identification and management of victims. The results of these reflections are available below, in the form of recommendations.

There were submissions by the following people during the institutional portion of the seminar:

- Antoniya Tilkova-Genova, of the Aganecy for the Protection of Children in the Bulgarian Council of Ministers
- Eric Panloup, Advisor on Trafficking in Human Beings for South-Eastern Europe for the French Minister of European and Foreign Affairs.
- Yves Charpenel, Advocate General in the French Court of Appeal

The participants were also gievn the opportunity to visit assiociation memebrs of the Collective such as Hors la Rue, AFJ, and the maternity residence in Lilas, which is run by the Salvation Army.

More information is available below (in French only).

PDF - 422.6 kb
Recommendations of the Working Group on Trafficking
PDF - 1.9 Mb
Seminar on Child Poverty


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