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Organ Trafficking: Three New Arrests in Ukraine

Friday 10 December 2010

ROMANDIE NEWS, KIEV: Three members of an international network of traffickers for the organ trade have been arrested in Ukraine, according to the Minister for the Interior last Thursday, after already announcing the interrogation of three Ukrainian doctors who have been arrested in connection with this affair.

Now three others have been arrested, as reported by the AFP and according to a spokesperson for Minister Dmytro Andreïev, who refused to make any other comments.

It appears that people "recruit and transport donors," from Bakou, the capital of Azerbaidjan, where "the majority of donors are operated upon" added Minister-Adjoint for the Interior, VAssyl Farynnyk, in an interview with the daily newspaper Gazeta po-Kievski, published on Thursday.

"One portion of the surgical interventions has been completed," in a reputable clinic in Kiev, he explained.

"To date, we have discovered twenty-five people who have been coerced into donating their kidneys. We are searching for more," revealed Mr Farynnyk.

The Minister for the Interior indicated in October that the three apprehended doctors took kidneys from citizens of Ukraine, Moldova and Uzbekistan. The majority of the recipients were Israelis willing to pay between $100,000 - $200,000.

The medical colleagues of those arrested have protested their incarceration, emphasising that it is putting patients at risk who cannot be operated upon in their absence.

Many former Soviet Republics, particularly Moldova and Ukraine, were targeted by traffickers in human organs following the break-up of the Soviet Union and the economic collapse which followed.

(©AFP / 02 décembre 2010 14h33 - originally in French)


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