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Report of the Collective’s meeting held on September 29, 2014

Wednesday 8 October 2014

The purpose of the meeting of September 29, 2014:
- Launch of the Collective’s new website on 1 October 2014
- Update on the steps with the Ministries of Justice and Interior
- Steps to achieve with the Minister of Social Affairs, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Employment
- Request a meeting with the General Secretary of MIPROF and the National Coordination, to find out more about the PLAN’s implementation, the means and the funding
- Preparation of a letter to the CNCDH (National Consultative Commission on Human Rights), responsible for monitoring the application of the National Plan against trafficking in France
- Trafficking of minors in France, as part of the monitoring of the Convention on the child’s rights - Collective Collaboration with unions
- Member’s Initiatives
- Extension of the Collective
- The proceedings of the Collective "Together against Trafficking in Human Beings" meeting held on the September 29, 2014 with in appendix:
# A draft release for the European Day of Action against Trafficking
# A working document following the meeting at the office of the Minister of Justice
# A working document following the meeting of the Minister of Interior and its members

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