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Wednesday 13 August 2014

Founded in 2007 by three activists of the Fight against modern slavery, SOS ESCLAVES (SOS Slaves) was able, over time, to achieve some of its goals even though much remains to be done and that the lack of fundings which ensures complete independence makes its mission more difficult.
SOS ESCLAVES is available for victims of slavery, for listening as long as necessary and entrust the study of their problems in a multidisciplinary team that will seek solutions with them in harmony with their new life and the guiding principles of our association.
This implies that they have the right to live in this country and the administrative authority must recognize their status by giving them a residence permit which will allow them to find a job, access to training, have a home and no longer live hidden.
SOS Slaves work with victims for their access to citizenship.
Thus, SOS Slaves actively participated in the development of a basic law on slavery, enacted in August 5, 2013, making criminal facts that previously could not be prosecuted.
Also the fight against human trafficking must be sustained each time that there are judged facts of slavery and servitude.
Therefore was recognized the right to debate in all courts of violations of freedoms and fundamental rights of our society for associations.
Similarly, to achieve the execution of sentences that were getting the victims, the legislator approved the proposals of SOS Slaves and permit the operation of the compensation fund for victims to pay for damages instead of missing or impecunious debtors .
Both are fundamental and are with the law itself a strong step forward, but we must remain vigilant every day.
Because there was always a lot of victims and by integrating the collective TOGETHER AGAINST TRAFFICKING IN HUMAN BEINGS that SOS ESCLAVES thought both to be helpful and to participate in this noble fight.

Contact : Anick Fougeroux
Tel : +33 (0)6 14 98 44 65
Website: SOS-Esclaves France


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