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The new faces of slavery

Monday 13 April 2015

Together against trafficking in human beings
Louis Guinamard with the collaboration de Tancrede Riviere

Under the direction of Genevieve Colas

A book that reveals the current faces of trafficking in human beings and shows that we can fight this scourge. At home and abroad.

Trafficking in human beings does not solely belong to history. It not only exists in non-democratic countries: prostitutes on the streets of Paris; « young servants » relegated to an utensil existence ; migrants underpaid, working hard on farms that pay little attention, young migrants attracted to a sporting career; children forced to beg or steal… An underground and prosperous economy thrives on trafficking in France and elsewhere. Who are those who suffer these conditions of life and work their fingers to the bone? What are the networks and individuals that exploit them? What are their methods? How to abolish this shameful system that violates the dignity of those who suffer from it?

This book reveals a hidden part of our societies by describing through testimonies and supporting analysis, the different systems that organize trafficking. Based on the experience of twenty-three organizations working against trafficking in human beings, this work shows that it is possible to combat this scourge. He invites everyone to act so that those who mistreats can finally live honourably.

Louis Guinamard and Tancrede Riviere are journalists.
Genevieve Colas is in charge of the fight against trafficking in human beings at Secours Catholique-Caritas France and coordinator of the Collective “Together against trafficking in human beings”.

This book was arose from a collaboration between the ‘Editions de l’Atelier’ and Secours Catholique - Caritas France. It is supported by the Collective “Together against trafficking in human beings” coordinated by Secours Catholique - Caritas France.
This Collective brings together 23 associations: Action catholique des femmes, AFJ, Agir Contre la Prostitution des Enfants, Agir ensemble pour les Droits de l’homme, Amicale du Nid, Armée du salut, Association Jeunes Errants, Association pour la réadaptation sociale, Comité contre l’esclavage moderne, Comité protestant pour la dignité humaine, Congrégation de Notre Dame de Charité du Bon Pasteur, Conseil Français des associations des droits de l’enfant, ECPAT France, Fédération de l’Entraide protestante, Fondation Jean et Jeanne Scelles, Hors la Rue, Justice et Paix France, Les Champs de Booz, Mouvement du Nid, Organisation internationale contre l’esclavage moderne, Planète Enfants, SOS Esclaves, Secours Catholique - Caritas France.

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